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RM 899

Submit to Database Lifetime

Google Sitemap
Google Webmaster
Google Map
Google Database

RM 9,000

6 month & Rank Report

RM 15,000

12 month & Rank Report

Google Sitemap
Google Webmaster
Google Map
Google Database
Optimize Website
Optimize Content
Up to 40 Focus Keywords

RM 9,000

1 month & Rank Report

RM 90,000

12 month & Rank Report

Google Sitemap
30 Links
Multi Domains Link
Brand Keywords

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What Is SEO In Marketing

SEO is a process of making improvements and optimization to the design and content of your website to help it appear in search engines. By doing so, it can increase the website ranking and online visibility in organic (unpaid) search engine result.

What Is SEO And How Does It Works?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a process of obtaining traffic on search engines from the “unpaid” and “organic” results. The process of SEO usually making changes on the website design, code, and content to increase user experience. By doing so, we can increase the website ranking and online visibility in organic search engine result page (SERP).

How Much Does SEO Cost Per Month In Malaysia?

The price of SEO services varies depending on location and keywords difficulty. Depending on what package that you take, SEO services typically cost around RM1,000 to RM8,000 per month in Malaysia.

SEO Keyword Research And Tracking

At OME, Malaysia’s best SEO agency, we pay full attention to the keyword analysis for your website. Our SEO experts’ main aim is to ensure your website ranks first on search engine results pages.

We select and optimise keywords that bring actual traffic to your website. Using advanced SEO tools, we will work to identify the most searched keyword terms at a given time to increase the number of potential customers.

seo malaysia system

SEO Company Malaysia Creates Keyword Research Furthermore, our SEO specialists conduct a detailed SEO check of Geo specific & Localize Ranking. Our SEO consultants will help you make your website more visible to your customer base in different regions and locations, depending on the selected SEO package.

Our experienced consultants regularly keep track of trending keywords related to your organisation to bring you the best result. We can also reverse engineer your competitor’s website to identify keywords that get the most traffic to their website.

All About SEO Malaysia

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is the scientific and systematic way of optimizing a web page that matches with user searcher intents to drive the quality traffic and increase the conversion rate on the website.

When the potential client search for your targeted keywords, your website will be able to show on the first page of the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP), this is how SEO works. Imagine that the user search for a specific keyword in Google, and your website are able to show at the top position in SERP for them, this will help to increase the click-through rate to your website.

In turn, your website will be able to achieve more leads and increase the conversion rate. As the leaders in the field of SEO in Malaysia and across world, you can count on Ecomdiy SEO Marketing Agency, SEO Malaysia Company to boost the visibility and digital presence of your company. Most importantly, we spend time doing proper analytics tracking on your website to identify the best performing keywords for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important marketing channel for any businesses that seek online customers. Ecomdiy SEO Malaysia offers Professional SEO Services that help you magnify your website for anyone who is interested.

Strategies that our best SEO Consultant plan and execute considers your company's vision, goals and growth. Ultimately, gain the advantage against your competitor in term of rankings, traffic and conversion for company Malaysia. The company founder Mr. CL Lim has conducted many SEO trainings and seminars which included brief SEO course and also provided SEO certifications for the participants. Many were able to learn the strategies and planning which goes into most OME projects.

SEO is not only about search engines, but a good SEO strategy also works with social media, blogs and news websites as well.

At Ecomdiy Network, our SEO solution will elevate your business growth to the next level. We help you discover the competitive keywords you want to rank, reach the right prospects at the right time, and ultimately bring the leads in the shortest possible time. OME owns the premium expert recommendation system that is built to smartly recommend the entire SEO element and deep algorithms to understand exactly what you have to include in your SEO strategy.

As the best service provider in SEO Malaysia, we will provide your website with great opportunities to grow your business both locally and globally. When your website ranked higher in Google Search Results, your brand will have higher visibility and click-through rates. Our team of SEO experts are trained to perform in the highest possible way. We have what it takes to deliver successful SEO solutions for your business to grow exponentially.

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SEO Expert In Malaysia

In this fast-paced world, Search Engine Optimization is all about the ever-changing Google’s algorithms. Google search algorithms update changes so fast, probably quicker than you updating your content and SEO strategies.

Instead of trying to beat Google, you can win with Google by utilizing an SEO specialist’s expertise. Essentially, SEO experts in OME we know how SEO works and how to get more organic traffic from search engines.

Sharing the secret of best SEO practices, looking for the latest analytical tools, keywords research and plan, our SEO experts know the inside and out of the digital marketing landscape. We have what it takes to deliver successful SEO solutions for your business to grow exponentially.

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How SEO Can Help Company In Malaysia

It’s now or never. Your competitors are using SEO to grow. Let’s look at the 5 key benefits of SEO that we have rounded up for you.

Competition is inevitable for businesses of any type, size, and form. By reaching out to a wider audience on the search engine, your business can keep ahead of the others. To achieve your goal, SEO is what you need to organically increase the visibility of your brand.